Time for coffee

It has been many many months since the beginning of this project. My skills, knowledge and available means just were not there yet six months ago. But now I can finally, happily announce that my cups are being used at one of the nicest coffee/lunch spots in Breda! (If not absolutely the nicest, but I might be biased.) Yirga in the st. Annastraat right in the centre of town. Some cups will also be for sale there so be sure to come have a look and have a coffee. I might even be the one to make it for you!

More for me than for you

I feel like there are a lot of different things going on at the moment. So many, that I myself cannot keep up so maybe it will help me if I explain it to you.

My very first commission is almost finished. Very soon you’ll be able to have a drink in one of my cups in one of the nicest coffee places in Breda. I might even be the one to make you the drink! More on that coming soon.

With this, I expect my first customers and sales. Maybe even more commissions. I feel like I have made enough tumblers to last me some time, but it could go very quickly and I’ll have to go into full-on production mode. Very curious, and eager, to find out what that will be like.

I’m also getting ready to contact possible stockists. Update my Etsy shop. Invite food bloggers and/or stylists to borrow my work for shoots (If you are interested in this send me an e-mail!). I want to start organising workshops in handbuilding. There is a product list accompanied by a proper photoshoot that needs to be organised.

Generally becoming productive enough to start, officially/legally, a business. And all the paperwork that comes with that is just making my head spin.

I’ll go off to do some glazing now before I really start to panic.

Studio Emma Sophia on stage

Last Thursday I stepped out of my comfort zone and got up in front of a crowd of people to talk about my studio and my ceramics, as one of the speakers in Garage Cafe (#6). The audience consisted mostly of people from the Rotterdam art school, including some former teachers of mine. A world that I have very intentionally left behind. But it felt good to confront them, to get up and stand for what I have chosen to do, something that I would never have been allowed to do during my Fine Art studies. And maybe they are right, I will always approach pottery thinking like a fine artist. And that is totally fine.

Go check out the Garage Cafe events on Instagram and maybe I’ll see you at the next one!


Webshop is live. At last!

It took some time, some effort, some yelling at credit card providers, but it is finally here! You can now buy my ceramic creations via my Etsy shop. The link of which you can find on my shop page.

You can still e-mail me directly for sales enquiries or if you would like to visit the studio. I will organise another Open Studio in few months time. I’m also considering joining some markets soon so keep your eye out for that! Aaand a list of stockists also coming up. Lots happening!


Caught on film!

The studio and me starring in a short video! A few months ago my camera savvy sister joined me at the studio and this short film is what came of it. It was shot days before I got my kiln so only old work is featured, besides all the greenware in waiting. But it is the atmosphere of my own little universe that I wanted to capture, and what you can see in the video. I hope you enjoy it!

Video made by Hannah Grout. You can find her at: http://hannahgrout.com/

Things are happening

Clearly I am not made for frequent blogging. That is why you can now see my latest Instagram posts here also. If you would like to see more, click any image seen here to the right and it will send you straight to my feed!

Things have been moving along nicely lately. The business cards arrived this morning. My kiln is running several times a week, trying to catch up with all the work I made over the summer. And an open studio is being organised! Just in time for you to get some extra special Christmas gifts whilst you visit. Details will follow as soon as I have them!

First post

Hi there! Welcome to the blog of studio_emma sophia. Here I will share more informally and personally my thoughts on the proces of making ceramics, the studio, inspiration and art and life itself. I have started on blogs in the past and have proven to be not so good at maintaining them. I suppose time will tell how this one turns out. If you want to be sure to stay up to date with studio_emma sophia do make sure to follow the studio on Instagram @studio_emmasophia.