My name is Emma and I am the founder of studio emma sophia. As a graduate from the fine art department of the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam I discovered ceramics shortly after finishing art school in 2014. Initially taking a beginners course to get myself back into making things with my hands after such a concept and philosophy oriented degree, it very quickly became much more than therapeutic.

In May 2017, after several years of ceramics courses and trying (and failing) to maintain an artist studio alongside a fulltime job at a restaurant, studio emma sophia was born when I decided to do things differently. I quit my job in Rotterdam, asked my parents if I could move back home and rented a studio space in the former Breda prison, now a space for young entrepreneurs.

The studio is currently still in the proces of taking shape. A small kiln arrived in November which finally completes the production process and enables me to get the webshop up and running. I am still very much figuring things out though, so please bare with me. Packaging ceramics so they survive the post, finding stockists, the paperwork side of things, its all new to me. Do check the blog, or even better Instagram, to stay up to date with what I am up to. And don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or remarks you might have.