More for me than for you

I feel like there are a lot of different things going on at the moment. So many, that I myself cannot keep up so maybe it will help me if I explain it to you.

My very first commission is almost finished. Very soon you’ll be able to have a drink in one of my cups in one of the nicest coffee places in Breda. I might even be the one to make you the drink! More on that coming soon.

With this, I expect my first customers and sales. Maybe even more commissions. I feel like I have made enough tumblers to last me some time, but it could go very quickly and I’ll have to go into full-on production mode. Very curious, and eager, to find out what that will be like.

I’m also getting ready to contact possible stockists. Update my Etsy shop. Invite food bloggers and/or stylists to borrow my work for shoots (If you are interested in this send me an e-mail!). I want to start organising workshops in handbuilding. There is a product list accompanied by a proper photoshoot that needs to be organised.

Generally becoming productive enough to start, officially/legally, a business. And all the paperwork that comes with that is just making my head spin.

I’ll go off to do some glazing now before I really start to panic.

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